Swiss Contract Law
Swiss Contract Law

“Sole Distributorship and Agency Agreement”: Should Commissions on Sales Made Directly by the Supplier be Paid to the Distributor?

“Sole Distributorship and Agency Agreement” qualified as an exclusive distribution agreement and not as an agency agreement resulting in no sales commissions for the distributor

Home renovations with a limited budget? Watch out for the quotes and the bills!

A homeowner who entrusts home renovations to an architect must clearly indicate if he wants a binding cost limit. Otherwise, the architect will only be liable for exceeding the cost estimate if the estimate was flawed or exceeded more than 10%.

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Conflicting choice of forum clauses contained in a contract and its general terms and conditions: which clause prevails?

A choice of forum clause contained in the contract itself prevails over conflicting clauses contained in the parties’ general terms and conditions.

Arbitration or state courts? The material limits of an arbitration clause that concerns the interpretation and application of a contract

Legal proceedings initiated in order to enforce a loan contract fell outside the (narrow) scope of an arbitration clause that was limited to the interpretation and application of the relevant agreement.

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