Kaveh Mirfakhraei

Dr. Kaveh Mirfakhraei is a Swiss qualified attorney-at-law specializing in contract law and criminal law. He obtained a PhD from the University of Geneva in 2013 with a thesis on contract law. From November 2009 to March 2011, Dr. Kaveh Mirfakhraei chaired the Council of the Law Faculty of the University of Geneva. He appears regularly before the Courts of Geneva and Switzerland.

“Sole Distributorship and Agency Agreement”: Should Commissions on Sales Made Directly by the Supplier be Paid to the Distributor?

“Sole Distributorship and Agency Agreement” qualified as an exclusive distribution agreement and not as an agency agreement resulting in no sales commissions for the distributor

Liable for remaining silent: Broker found liable for failing to disclose relevant information which had an impact on the sale of his client’s apartment

A broker was held liable for breach of contractual obligations to his client by failing to disclose relevant information regarding the potential sale of his client’s apartment at a higher price.