How to prove the damage allegedly suffered by a purchaser for overpriced shares of a target company?

To establish the damage suffered by a purchaser of shares of a target company based on an inaccurate financial audit report requires to allege and prove the hypothetical financial situation of the purchaser had the damage not occurred as well as what decisions the purchaser would have made if it had been aware of the correct financial value of the target company.

Smoke on the characterization of the contract

The difference between a Contract for Work and Services and a Simple Agency Contract, and its impact on the calculation of damages.

A party acting as a representative once, may not be a representative twice.

In the absence of a validly conferred power of attorney, the principal shall only be bound if the third party can rely on its own legitimate representation of the situation.

Home renovations with a limited budget? Watch out for the quotes and the bills!

A homeowner who entrusts home renovations to an architect must clearly indicate if he wants a binding cost limit. Otherwise, the architect will only be liable for exceeding the cost estimate if the estimate was flawed or exceeded more than 10%.

Contract management: the risks of not reacting to annotations made by the other party at the time of signing of the contract

Company found contractually liable for the act of an employee as a result of a handwritten statement made by the other party on the contract.