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To Whom Belong the Copyrights on a Software Developed by a University Researcher?

Based on the applicable university regulations, the copyrights on the software developed by a PhD candidate who was working as a researcher/employee at a Swiss public university (the University of Lausanne) within the framework of her employment agreement were found to be owned by the University.

Can a long-term subcontract for mail management services be terminated if the main contract is terminated?

The subcontract for mail management services at issue is an innominate contract that consequently cannot be terminated before the end of its term without just cause.

Software in Asset Deals: Buying IP Rights on the Software, Buying Hardware or Buying a (mere) Copy of the Software?

The buyer was entitled to invalidate a sales contract (an asset deal for the sale of a car dealership that included software) for fraud that was committed by the seller (Art. 28 SCO) because the seller had not disclosed to the buyer that it did not own the intellectual property rights on the software but only had a license to use the software granted by a third-party licensor.

“Sole Distributorship and Agency Agreement”: Should Commissions on Sales Made Directly by the Supplier be Paid to the Distributor?

“Sole Distributorship and Agency Agreement” qualified as an exclusive distribution agreement and not as an agency agreement resulting in no sales commissions for the distributor

Cancellation of Sports Sponsoring Agreements for Force Majeure (COVID-19): Which Part of the Sponsorship Fees must be Reimbursed to the Sponsor?

The cancellation clauses of the sponsoring agreements gave the sponsor the right to obtain the (partial) reimbursement of the paid sponsorship fees.