Marianna Sorton

Marianna Sorton is a PhD Candidate at the Faculty of Law of the University of Geneva, where she currently works as a research and teaching assistant.

After completing her studies at the University of Geneva, Marianna practiced as a trainee-lawyer and then as an associate with a top-tier Swiss law firm specialized in commercial litigation, arbitration and white-collar crime. She was admitted to the bar in 2018.

Selling by mistake: good faith as an impediment to avoiding the contract

A Seller who fails to clarify a point of essence and mention it to the Buyer(s) prior to concluding a contract cannot rely on its mistake in order to avoid the contract or to refuse its performance.

Unilateral termination of a long-term IT contract: when is good cause not good enough?

The existence of good cause denied in unilateral termination of a long-term IT contract, despite claims of outdated equipment, repeated technical issues and poor maintenance services.